A post about my experience writing posts.

Woah. Meta.

Alright– this iteration of my personal blog started earlier this May, as a random one off challenge with a friend.

He’s likely the only person who’s read this thus far, so thanks bro. So here’s some quick random thoughts about my experience writing.

Breaking your streak sucks. I forgot to write yesterday and actively tried not to write on Tuesday. It feels bad. It feels weak. We’ve been crazy busy at work, of course, so that’s my excuse. But it hardly feels like a good one. I don’t have kids, I’m not wildly social, nor do I have incredibly demanding hobbies.

There’s no actual real good reason why I didn’t write something– anything– those days. I think being aware of that is what causes the most pain. It feels like letting myself down. Being lazy.

Before you go and say ‘well Jake, maybe you need to just give yourself a break’.

Every bad habit, every weakness, starts out as a break. It’s your own mind working against you to say “It’s ok, you’ve been working really hard, take a little break.” Maybe it doesn’t work that way with you– but for

“You’ve been doing so good! Eat that donut! You deserve it!”
“Long day, pizza?”

I’m trying to be really aware of what my own brain is doing to me. It isn’t always working in my best interests. In fact it seems like it often actively tries to sabotage me. My goals with this blog? To explore my own ideas. To use it as a tool to think a little bit more. To record some things. To leave some artifacts and breadcrumbs.

A little trail back to who I was. Who I am.