A post about golden spoons.

We talked about novelty a few posts ago– how do we inject it into our lives. How do we make more days where we remember more, functionally how do we live more.

I was actually thinking that “Live More” might be a really cool tagline, something to always be striving for. Live more. Of course, then I realized that it’s already Taco Bell’s tagline, and that seems to take a bit of the oomph out of it.

How do we live mas.

I’m trying to remember what it was like when I felt that I was living my life as full as I could. It was a time in my life characterized by youthful recklessness. Spontaneity, action without regard to consequence. Is spontaneity (novelty shows up again!) the key?

Another component is certainly social. If I were to graph “time spent with friends” or even “time spent with family” it would be down and to the right. I think this is a pretty common occurrence for everyone, though I don’t know exactly why. I don’t know why it seems to become harder to do. My adult responsibilities, while important, are certainly not as trying as some. I’m curious if it seems the same for everyone?

Next, my tolerance for risk has gone down significantly. Fiscal and physical. There was a time where I swam through a cave underwater in pitch black conditions to get to the other side. I couldn’t imagine doing that now. Is risk, then, what gives us spikes of emotions to attach memories to?

Like anything in life perhaps there’s simply no ‘one cause’. Perhaps it’s the confluence of all of these factors. I also wonder if these same series of emotions are what urges people to settle down and begin building their families. Lower risk, less social interaction. The family becomes more insular.

It would make sense if these events lead there, as I think biology underpins much more of our behavior than we care to admit.

I wish I had answers to these questions. Or how to fix them. Instead I suppose wondering out loud to you, dear reader, is the best I can do right now.

Oh, gold spoons?

I ordered some! I read once that ice cream tasters at big companies taste their food with golden spoons, because gold doesn’t interact with your saliva. You can test yourself by finding an ordinary spoon in your kitchen drawer and sucking on it. Of course I did a side-by-side comparison when I got these in the mail. Sure enough, there’s an appreciable difference.

Lauren and I put them to the ultimate test when we got some Ben & Jerry’s on Saturday night. It was fantastic!

Perhaps this can be just a tiny bit of novelty in your own life. Gotta start somewhere. Cheers.